GARELLI Mechanical Workshops


The Company started its activity in 1957 as a sole proprietorship founded by Lanfranco Garelli, with the activity of production of various stainless steel components designed by the customer, leveraging the extensive experience of its owner, in metalworking.

Soon in the following years, the work is developed for naval and marine retriever, with the production of standard parts according to its own standards.

Thus was born the first brochure of products Garelli: Tendori, shackles, thimbles, terminals, lugs. With the experience and ingenuity of its owner, in the early 70's, is designed and built the first press "GARELLI" taper for the lugs on wire rope, which at terminals on the rope diameter. 2 mm. up to a diameter of 20 mm..

In subsequent years, the Company Garelli continuously increasing its production capacity, improving its technical organization and the product range was expanded to a whole wide and comprehensive range of steel rods and accessories.

In 2003 changed its name to Garelli sas and acquired through long experience, is enhanced and developed its production capacity with the acquisition of several automated CNC machines, in order to meet the growing demand for both domestically and in exports throughout the world.

High quality

To date, "Garelli" produces a complete range of stainless steel fittings for ropes and chains, according to their standards, according to rules "UNI" and "DIN", and design reviews.

The long experience and specialization have GARELLI as a leader in Italy in the construction of steel rods for rigging a sailing yacht, including large and architectural structures of prestige (sails and bridges). GARELLI production is in fact used in different sectors: recreational boating, commercial and military shipbuilding, construction, interior architecture, tensile structures, street furniture, electrical terminal block, arrest systems, etc..

Maximum security

The rigging made with Garelli accessories are built with a careful choice of the best raw materials (AISI 316, Titanium, Bronze special UNI 5275), all production is used in heavy stress conditions, which require the highest reliability of egaranzia security.

Thus, by combining highly specialized manpower, modern equipment and systems with strict control of GARELLI accessories are always sized and certificates for loading said.

The products that we are all guaranteed and some even patented. Another area is on the production of press machines to swage and tallorit on cable, model "SM" (GARELLI).

The press machines to swage Garelli "SM" series, have also been gradually improved and are currently roll presses, powerful and reliable, able to press on all types of cable terminals, both in millimeters to inches, on the ropes in quickly and easily.

Total reliability

Turnbuckles, terminals and rods are used for the construction of the rigging, stays and lifelines of sailing boats, both racing and vintage, for their safety in crossing the ocean.

Garelli The company is not limited however to series production, but all the know-how and factory equipment are available to perform special-designed and often reconstructed to match their original pieces, in the challenging work of refitting to return ancient splendor to charming vintage sailing ships (eg, TE VEGA, JO YETTE, CANDIDA) and, more recently, ADRIATICA and WINDIGO from the italian tv program "Sailors by chance").